Lou Carvell must have been born with an extra auto gene. How else could one explain his passion for automobiles at an early age? By the time he could talk, not only could he tell the difference between a Ford, Chevrolet, and Plymouth. He could rattle off the exact model, who designed it, and what engine was under the hood. But it wasn’t the speed specs that made his head spin. It was the look of the cars.

He explains, “I knew who Joe DiMaggio was. But my real heroes were car designers. Harley Earl, Virgil Exner, Raymond Lowey, George Barris, and Bill Mitchell. I could pronounce Figoni & Falaschi, discovered Pininfarina and Zagato, and fell in love with Tatra.”

When not fantasizing about automobiles, he was obsessively drawing his own customized version of his first car that would someday magically appear in his parents’ driveway.

Later he was to attend School of Visual Arts, studying with Allan D'Arcangelo, George Ortman and Burne Hogarth. An award-winning Executive Creative Director, accomplished musician, and a graphic and web designer, Carvell believes in the romantic notion that there is a direct relationship between beautiful women and beautiful cars. The seductive curves of such French classics as the Bugatti 57 C Atlantic and the 1949 Delahaye 175 S Saoutchik Roadster prove he is on the right track.

Carvell is above all a passionate and lifelong car collector. Today, he is focusing his vast range of creativity and drive to express his love affair with the automobile in a dramatically graphic series aptly named Reincarnation.

With Reincarnation, a groundbreaking new conceptualist has arrived.
By car.

Lou Carvell. Now being discovered by contemporary art collectors, and auto aficionados here and on the continent.